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Bobby Bully Bag

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Bobby Bully Bag is a great accessory to any young martial artist's regiment. It is shaped in the mold of a young kid-sized mannequin and stands on a sturdy weighted base. Young students of self defense can use it to practice moves, kicks, and punches and experience for themselves the same resistance to their blows.

When a child is learning martial arts, it is quite difficult to bring the training they learn at school into the home environment. The Bobby Bully Bag allows the same sparring techniques used in class to be practiced at home with a model that is as tall as the average student in class. The child gets the same realistic torso training as an adult size, only it is meant for kid's heights and widths.

The Durability and Strength of the Bobby Bully Bag

While some kid's training gear falls apart after a few years, Bobby takes a beating over and over again. He is made of a strong plastisol skin that is resistant to multiple blows over the years. Urethane foam is used to fill the body, giving the bag a realistic yet safe feel to kicks and punches.

Because they are adjustable from 4 foot 4 inches to 4 foot 7 inches, they can also grow with your child for a few years. They make great gifts for martial arts students and can be a much-appreciated addition to many schools and self defense classes. Bobby Bully can be purchased from many martial arts equipment resources, including online website catalogues and stores.

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