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Bokken Practice Sword

Written by Sierra Rein
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A Bokken practice sword is one of the best tools for Iaido and classical sword training. They are traditionally made of hardwood oak and are used to refine a Samurai's jabs, cuts, and swings. However, they are in and of themselves terrific martial arts weapons and and were used in addition to bladed swords to crush bone and knock opponents unconscious.

In additions to the 40 inch Samurai Bokken practice sword, Ninjas used a smaller 34 inch sword which they could stain black to be camouflaged at night. Some Bokkens come with a wooden saya (scabbard) so that a student can learn how to draw and sheath easily. These are usually strapped to the waist just like a regular sword would.

The Care and Respect of Bokken Practice Swords

Once you purchase a Bokken sword, understand that it is a historically important weapon that has been used for centuries. It is a good idea to wrap your wooden sword in a piece of fabric and keep away from excessive moisture. Sometimes rubbing it with wood polish and oils will keep it from cracking over the years.

Bokken swords are only made for practice and should not be used against other weapons. They can break if struck against another Bokken sword, sharp sword, or punching bag. If you wish to train how to attack a person, use it slowly and lightly against someone wearing proper sparring gear.

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