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Written by Sierra Rein
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As one of the most popular of contact sports, boxing has a long and proud history. Bare-knuckled champions have been recorded in England all the way back to 1710, and the Americas first began celebrating these boxers about 100 years after this. Later, the application of hand wraps, and later gloves, assured that though damage could be done to the combatants, serious knuckle damage could not be made.

In America, boxing quickly became a popular sport to talk about at local bars and barber shops. Gambling and betting on the winner or the loser became a pastime sport, and the tradition still is strong in major boxing centers like Las Vegas. Stars of the boxing world, from Muhammad Ali to Evander Holyfield, have carved their niche into the history of the sport itself.

Boxing Can Be For Everyone

As a sport that demands strength and stamina, many people shy away from trying it out by them selves, thinking that only men with large body mass can become masters of the craft. This is not so! Boxing, and similar forms like kick boxing and Tae Bo, can be learned by any age and either sex.

What you need to have is good sparring gear that can be used at every time of practice. Head gear, mouth guards, and of course gloves are integral to keep both yourself safe as well as your sparring partner. Ask your local gym if they give group or individual classes, and you could be well on your way to a fun and invigorating workout!

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