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Butterfly Swords

Written by Sierra Rein
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When the Shaolin monks decided to create a concealed defensive tool for themselves, they arrived at the deadly yet elegant Butterfly swords to meet their needs. Due to the monk's code of conduct, these blades were originally meant to disable an opponent rather than kill them. Their use by modern martial artists is highly respected, as precision and double-sword coordination is known to be incredibly difficult to master.

Before World War Two, Butterfly swords were known only within the borders of southern China. After Communist China took over at the end of the 1940's, many Kung Fu students and teachers chose to leave the country and establish schools in other nations. The Butterfly sword became incredibly popular and integrated themselves into many different martial arts styles.

The Beauty of Butterfly Swords

These sleek martial arts weapons are usually carried in pairs, and are designed to spoon together to appear as one. When drawn to both hands, they are deadly and can be used with a number of chopping, slashing and thrusting moves. With their 15 inch long and 25/8 inch wide blades atop a "D" shaped hand guard, they also offer their wielder with a fair amount of protection against enemies

It takes a lot of skill to learn how to use a Butterfly sword. If one is attracted to the look of these lovely blades, they can also be purchased as display decorations and can be given as gifts for martial arts students. Some arrive with a beautiful leather scabbard and can be hung up on a wall to add a uniquely beautiful touch to any room.

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