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Century Wristwrap Gloves

Written by Sierra Rein
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For boxers and contact martial artists, Century wristwrap gloves are great to have at hand. They are made for durability and extra padding, perfect for bag or target training that require extra wrist support. They are great for any level of training, from the first day of class to training for the top martial arts tournaments of the world.

The bones of the wrist are very tiny and extremely vulnerable to pressure and force. With one wrong punch, an athlete can tear delicate tendons and fragment or break wrist bones. Instead of risking this kind of damage, it is better to protect the wrist with a sturdy foam and leather structure, such as the wristwrap glove.

The Special Construction of Century Wristwrap Gloves

Century wristwrap gloves are made for maximum wrist support. The gloves are tip-less and feature flexible yet durable padding at the focus of contact at the hand and finger points. A center grip pad is sewn onto the top section of the palm area to help the fingers curl into a protected position.

Make sure you are wearing the right equipment for the right martial art in order that you will not hurt yourself or another student during training. Unlike foam dipped protective sets, such as MTI sparring gear, Century wristwrap gloves are not meant for sparring or to be worn against a competitive opponent. Instead, they are good for grappling arts, such as contact Judo or Jiu-Jitsu.

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