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Dyna Flex Gyros

Written by Sierra Rein
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Dyna Flex gyros are effectives exercising tools made to improve a person's wrist and arm strength. There are a number of people who utilize these gyros regularly, from athletes eager to improve their grip or go through sports rehabilitation to musicians and computer users experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. They are designed to be iso-tonic (involving constant muscle tension) as well as iso-kinetic (using equal motion) and can be used in medical therapy under the right setting.

These gyros generate 32 pounds of gyroscopic pressure once the maximum 9,000 revolutions are met. It does not use a motor or batteries to start and uses internally spun rotor. Once held in the hand, the muscles of the wrist and forearm must work strenuously to keep it in place.

Dyna Flex Gyros Are Simple to Use

There are a number of different models of these exercisers and can be controlled using increased or decreased speed settings. The Dyna-Flex Pro Plus can reach 10,000 rpm's and 38lbs of pressure. This model is great as gifts for martial arts students while the lesser-powered models are good for older people with cases of arthritis.

They are good to use by an athlete during warm ups or after a person experiences prolonged time in front of a computer. Many martial arts equipment suppliers carry Dyna Flex gyros in a number of different colors and models. You should also be able to purchase them through several online martial arts supplies stores as well.

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