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Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Written by Sierra Rein
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Electronic muscle stimulation has become for body pain what the aspirin was for headaches. With increasingly portable technology, it is very easy for anyone to purchase a small TENS Unit capable of stimulating muscles with an electronic pulse, and thus calm and reduce pain in the body. Electronic muscle stimulation, previously found only in chiropractor's offices and some of the more expensive health spas, has now branched into the public market.

In cases of motor vehicle accidents or disease, many insurance companies cover the use of most electronic muscle stimulation machines. Or, it can also be covered through some health plans. Talk to your doctor or health care provider about whether a personal TENS unit may be good for the reduction of your pain in these cases.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation For Muscle Strength And Tone

Many athletes and people trying to stay in shape use electronic muscle stimulation to aid in their workout regimen by making muscles contract in rapid rates. This maintains the overall muscle tone and keeps the blood flowing within it. This method takes less time away from the more enjoyable parts of one's workout, and can be used while working at a desk, watching TV, or resting.

If you are interested, visit the linked site at the right for a great electronic muscle stimulator, or ask your doctor or chiropractor about what may be the best for your body. Never use someone else's machine! You should learn about the different settings your muscle stimulator can be set to, as well as where on the body the best places of application are.

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