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Escrima Sticks

Written by Sierra Rein
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Escrima sticks are integral weapons of choice for martial artists of the Phillipines. They are generally 28 or 29 inches in length, and approximately 1 inch in diameter. They come in pairs and are held by the hands in a number of different geometric positions.

The martial art of Escrima is quick, hard, and incredibly combative. A beginning practitioner of this form of self defense must wear a lot of protective sparring gear before mastering all the blocks and preventative moves involved in this ancient art. Sometimes "skinless" sticks are used that do not cause as much damage as their full versions.

The Rare Escrima Sticks, Collectable and Beautiful

Many enthusiasts of the art of Escrima have been known to collect these sticks. Authentic Escrima sticks are actually quite rare, due to the protection the government of the Phillipines places on the rattan trees that are used to make them. However, many manufacturers have made training sticks which are made very solid, heavy sticks for a number of practice purposes.

They come in a number of colors, designs, and wood grain finishes. These 8 oz martial arts weapons, in properly experienced hands, are extremely dangerous and should only be utilized under strict supervised teaching. You can find them at a number of stores and online websites.

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