Hand To Hand Combat

Written by Sierra Rein
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When one thinks of hand to hand combat, oftentimes the images of muscular men battling it out in an alleyway or in a dark jungle comes to mind. Indeed, hand combat training is a part of many military requirements and can be integrated into many different martial arts programs. However, attacking and defending someone by hand is also a skill that can be learned by the average citizen to provide some sort of method of self protection.

Traditional hand to hand combat lessons can be based upon a number of different fighting techniques. Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu, and other forms of martial arts can be utilized at any time, depending on the aggressive moves of one's attacker. Techniques can include (but are not limited to) hits, kicks, and punches, throws, locks and grappling moves.

A good student of hand to hand combat training will learn how to observe his opponent and know instinctively which deflective or offensive move to perform at any given moment. A combination of awareness in one's surroundings and an understanding of one's own physical body come into play at this moment. Utilizing balance, focusing force and knowing how to take advantage of an attacker's own momentum and weight.

When Hand to Hand Combat Becomes Life-Threatening

One can be very sure of oneself when handling an unarmed assailant, but what happens if he suddenly whips out a gun or knife? Unless one has been taught the skills necessary to avoid a moving knife or a bullet and to be able to actually kick or wrestle it out of someone's hand, forget it. It is better to just run away from the situation at the first opportunity and call for help instead.

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