Hand To Hand Combat Tactics

Written by Sierra Rein
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The truth is that there is an almost limitless variety of hand to hand combat tactics in the world today. However, there are some universal rules that make these tactics more effective in an actual street fight. These can be chosen to fit the particular scenario faced, in addition to the size and quality of one's attacker.

The first rule regarding most hand to hand combat tactics is that self awareness and keeping a cool head during a fight is incredibly important. Oftentimes, natural adrenaline rushes can cloud judgment and cause devastating mistakes. Thus, learning proper focus and breathing techniques at the beginning of any hand to hand combat lesson is vital for the success of any training.

In addition to proper instruction of hand to hand combat techniques, honing one's instincts is also important. One should be able to bounce from one block to another without too much thought time as well as recognizing one's opponent's moves a split second ahead of time. This will come with practice over time, especially if one has a sparring partner to train with.

Life-Saving Hand to Hand Combat Tactics

The skills that are ultimately necessary for physical survival are getting out of choke holds, avoiding hits to the nasal cavity and throat, and being able to avoid the moves of an attacker if he is armed with knife or gun. If the latter is true, judging how to effectively disarm him without injury to oneself is imperative. Of course, the safest of all hand to hand combat tactics is to forgo all ego trips and run away to a secure place to call for help.

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