Hand To Hand Combat Training

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many resources to turn to if one is searching for hand to hand combat training. In addition to military schools, many self defense schools offer weekly classes to adults interested in learning some sort of protection skill. Others are available for parents who wish to allow their children or young adults to learn at least one form of martial art.

Hand to hand combat training is divided into offensive and defensive moves. If the overall goal is to defend yourself until help arrives, one can concentrate on blocking moves and avoidance moves that will eventually tire the opponent out. If, however, one's opponent is too violent to be handled in a short amount of time, more aggressive hits, kicks, grappling moves and offensive strikes can be implemented.

There are a number of different styles of hand to hand combat. Because the goal with most authorities is to arrest a suspect instead of beating him, police officers use different techniques than army combatants. In comparison, a street fight outside a bar is an entirely different matter, subject to all sorts of dirty moves, weaponry, and psychological moves.

Hand to Hand Combat Training at Home

If there is not a reliable school for hand to hand combat training, a good idea is to contact a company that sells self defense home videos. As long as proper safety procedures are followed, these can be very effective and easy to learn from. You can set your own study hours to fit your schedule and involve friends and family in the learning process as well!

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