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Hapkido Uniforms

Written by Sierra Rein
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Traditional Hapkido uniforms are very recognizable and unique forms of martial arts uniforms. Designed in very much the same style and cut as the traditional Karate uniform, Hapkido outfits are designed with crisscrossing "hutch" lines that give it a diamond-patterned look. You can find them in a variety of colors, with black stripes on white or white stripes on black.

For those who have never known its origins, Hapkido (or Hapkidoin) is a Korean martial art that stems from the teachings of Grandmaster Choi, Yong Sul and Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae. They were the primary masters who in the last century developed and transformed the traditional Daito-Ryu Aikijutsu (Japanese martial art) into the art known today. Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae was a student of Grandmaster Choi and furthered the style of Hapkido after Choi's death in 1986.

Sizing and Choosing Hapkido Uniforms For Students or Masters

Like most martial arts equipment, Hapkido uniforms are fitted to allow total movement of the arms, legs, and torso yet should be small enough not to be too bulky. While some parents think they can save money by purchasing larger sizes for their growing kids, in reality they are hindering their child's learning process. Sometimes a child and his uniform will be sent back to his parents until a properly sized uniform is bought.

Most manufacturers size uniforms based on height and weight, but many will include specific leg, arm, and waist measurements as well. Because most Hapkido outfits use drawstring or elastic-waisted trousers and a wraparound jacket, the most important thing to consider is the length of the sleeves and pant legs. The hands, wrists, and ankles should be revealed when the martial artist is standing straight with her hands by her sides.

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