How To Defend Yourself

Written by Sierra Rein
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If someone were to ask you how to defend yourself during a one-on-one hand-to-hand combat, what would you rely on? Unfortunately, most people would try and remember the last violent movie they saw and try and recreate the moves they saw on the screen. However, this is not an effective way of personal protection and can lead to false egos, injuries and failure.

The best method to learn how to defend yourself is through careful and complete training. There are many schools across the country in addition to many self defense videos that can teach and hone special protective techniques. These should be taught and/or shot so that the student can go home and practice moves, blocks, kicks, stopping punches and falls with ease.

How to Defend Yourself...from Yourself!

When faced with a real street fight, many people allow the adrenaline in the body to dictate their behavior. Some freeze like a deer in headlights and fail to actually protect themselves. Others forget all that they know on how to defend yourself and fight without focus and concern for their own safety.

Because adrenaline rushes and dumps have caused more people to unnecessarily hurt themselves, it is imperative that the right focusing and stress management skills be learned. Breathing and mental meditation techniques will use the strength caused by the adrenaline rush and will cause the brain to recognize depth, movement, speed and force more clearly. These are all important mental talents to use while in the throws of a fight and will increase your chances of success.

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