How To Win A Fight In Less Than 1 Minute

Written by jpcovo
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On the eve of the second world war, the American military began to study the martial arts as another form of combat for their soldiers to train in. Primarily these few soldiers, who first studied the arts, were exposed to the Japanese Martial arts of Judo and Karate. They incorporated some of the best moves, the ones that were practical in a real fighting situation, to an institutionalized self defense system that the military would have to learn. This first system was later called LINE.

In the Post Vietnam War era, in the 1980's, the Corps began to upgrade this self defense curriculum with the Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement system (LINE). This was upgraded to the Marine Corps Close Combat Program in 1996 and in 1999 became the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).Today, the military has put together a martial arts program for every soldier to master. The MCMAP or Marine Corp Martial Arts Program is composed of 184 techniques. Only 184 techniques that can be the difference between life and death in a hostile environment.

Recent popularity of modern gladiator like combat sports and the rise of the mixed martial arts allows us to understand what a real fight looks like. You might notice that a lot of the fights end up with a submission for example. The only thing that to me is not honest to what real fights are is that in real fights there is not a time limit and there are no referees. A real fight does not last longer than one minute if you are well trained. It does not go further than a couple of on target techniques. For example if I trained you today and gave you two or three combinations for your own self defense, you would be able to finish any fight in less than a minute. Against someone that is not trained, only a few seconds.

I have trained in different martial arts and like any other martial artist or martial arts enthusiast you begin to notice similarities.That makes things much easier. Techniques from style to style begin to look alike and the game gets easier.

In the following paragraphs I will tell you how to win a fight in less than a minute.

“Know Where To Hit"

If you where punched in the solar plexus and had the wind knocked out of you, would you be able to fight? What if I kicked you in the groin area,would you be able to fight? If you where blindfolded would you be able to fight? Not to mention if you receive a blow to the mental foramen. Maybe a blow to the temple would do. In the martial arts people spend their entire lives figuring out where to hit, pressure points, and studying techniques that can literally kill someone with just one hit.

There are areas of the body that area nerve centers or places where a lot of things are going on at one time neurologically. If you hit certain areas of the body you are able to diffuse these areas to a point for example of numbness, lack of motor control, or passing out.

“Other Fights That Last Less Than a Minute”

Of course other fights that don’t last even one minute is that fight that never happens. You don’t have to fight. Walk away and it ends there. Evade your opponent, assailant,enemy,or whatever name you want to give him. You can always think that it is not worth it. The martial arts are only to be used in extreme situations when no other resource is available, when every resource has been depleted. Here are some steps to avoid a fight and make it last less than one minute.

1. Walk away, drive away, go to another place
2. Don't look at your opponent
3. Show fear and apologize, redirect situation, and/or be nice
4. Agree with what they say and say you don't want to fight
5. Redirect situation if there is a motivating factor (for example:Do you have a problem? Don't look at me like that! What!? You don't like this?!)
6. Take a few hits if you are attacked and disengage (run, walk away, drive away)
7. Call somebody else to come back you up and help neutralize any threats peacefully (outnumber your opponent)
8. Become his friend

The idea with these strategies is to not let the confrontation escalate. You are always looking to diffuse any igniting threats.

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