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Judo Ukemi Ball

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most unique tools of the art of Judo is a Judo Ukemi ball. It is similar to a regular workout ball and comes in two sizes and colors. Made of durable vinyl, it is able to hold the weight of any self defense student and can complement a number of school-taught Judo techniques.

Ukemi means the art of "falling safely" and is an important aspect of Judo. An Ukemi ball can be used by adults and children alike to learn how to bend the arms, neck and shoulders to fall without harm to the floor as well as the ability to move with their own momentum. After all, learning how to safely get out of an attacker's throw is part of this martial art and leads to less chances for injury.

Other Benefits to Using a Judo Ukemi Ball

Because it is shaped like a workout ball usually found in gyms across the country, a martial artist can use it in a similar manner. It can be used to tone and firm an athlete's muscles, including the abdominals, thighs, buttocks, chest and arms. The smaller green model is good for children younger than seven, while the larger blue one is good for older kids and adults.

This ball is perhaps one of the first tools a student will use when learning Judo. Mastering the art of falling is imperative before physically throwing a partner or being thrown oneself. A Judo Ukemi ball is a great item of self defense equipment that teaches both the mind and the body to coordinate and balance through the fall to arrive unscathed.

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