Jujitsu Techniques

Written by Sierra Rein
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All of the traditional Jujitsu techniques are built around the ideas of gentleness, fluidity and flexibility. Because there are several different schools of Jujitsu, one may fight different variations on moves. However, most techniques concentrate on the understanding of movement, energy, flow and power to defensively throw one's opponent out of balance and away from any chance of causing any harm.

There are three main Jujitsu techniques: striking, throwing and grappling. Striking moves are done with hand jabs, uppercuts and fist strikes in addition to front, side and back kicks. Throwing movements include hip throws, sweeping and scooping throws and wrist locks.

Grappling techniques are important for those who may come into contact with a rapist or kidnapper. By knowing the most common grappling holds, you will also be able to get out of them if an attacker decides to grab ahold of you. Most holding Jujitsu techniques require knowledge of balance and the physical limitations of the body and can be used by anyone of any size.

Applying Jujitsu Techniques in a Real Street Fight

Understanding how Jujitsu works is one thing; actually using them in the middle of a street attack by a stranger is another. It is a good idea to learn the basics of street defense in addition to Jujitsu moves just in case you find yourself pitted against a stranger who does not follow the "rules" of a respectful martial art. Finding a good self defensive class or video series will help you combine the art of "Ju" with real-life defensive skills.

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