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Karate Belts

Written by Sierra Rein
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Karate belts are one of the few things that almost every type of martial art uses to indicate your level of skill in that particular martial art. This makes your belt a very important component of your karate gear. The colors vary depending on your particular style, but predominantly, the first belt when you first begin studying is a white belt and when you are at the highest level within that particular style, you wear a black belt.

In between white and black belts can be any number of skill levels and corresponding colors for each of the karate belts, depending on the exact style of self defense you are studying. Some have many, some have just a handful. Each skill level's difficult can usually be compared to how many levels there are. The fewer there are, the harder each level is to achieve. The more levels there are, the easier it is. That's not to say learning a martial art is easy - it's never easy!

Karate Belts - Your Way To Let Everyone Know How Skilled You Are

Now, remember, your belt is much like a trophy, it's what denotes your skill, but you should also respect it, like you would a trophy on your mantle. Would you let a trophy get dusty and tarnished? Of course not, you'd dust it and keep it polished because you respect it and you respect what it represents. Your karate belt is the same way.

Don't let it get dirty and always make sure to tie it properly. If it does get dirty, clean it immediately. If you wear a dirty belt, people may think you don't respect what it represents. And since it represents your skill, they'll think you don't respect your skill and that means they probably won't respect you. So, take care of that belt!

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