Karate Defensive Moves

Written by Sierra Rein
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The fundamentals of Karate defensive moves are very easy to learn after a few hours of instruction. They can be performed by people of all sizes and ages, as long as the movements are done with strength and power. In addition to knowing how each of the kicks and punches are physically constructed, a Karate student also needs to become aware of their own body and how it reacts to the stresses involved in executing these moves.

Most Karate defensive moves build off of the Lunge punch, or "O-zuki" move. This consists of either a block or hand punch using the same arm as the leg that is lunged forward. To maintain balance, the hips must be kept square and the torso kept upright while the hand should be either in a fist, a forward "palm" attack position or in a side "blocking" attitude.

Karate uses two main directional blocking techniques to keep an attacker's blows from making contact with the head or torso of the body. There is the inward block, made by flipping the lead arm inwards to knock away a kick or punch. The upward blocking technique uses an upwards and outwards movement of the arms to deflect a attack away from the body.

Kicks and Other Karate Defensive Moves

In general, when it comes to defensive moves, Karate utilizes mainly the arms and hands. Offensively, however, Karate is full of kicks, knee jabs and moves that will imbalance one's opponent. Even if you can not kick very high, low-placed kicks and other similar Karate defensive moves will be quite effective in any aggressive fight.

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