Karate Moves

Written by Sierra Rein
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Karate moves are some of the most widely used defensive techniques on the planet. As one of the most popular forms of martial arts taught in schools and community centers, Karate is one of the better-known protection plans out there. In addition to aid in the strengthening of muscles, this art is simple enough to be utilized in common street attacks and fights.

Perhaps the most famous of Karate moves is the one-armed Karate chop. It has been made recognizable by countless marital arts movies and characters from Television (Captain Kirk from "Star Trek" utilized it on a number of occasions) and when used correctly can cause paralysis, pain and unconsciousness. In extreme cases, when hit in the right areas of the body with enough force, this move can even cause death.

Kicks are also very popular and can be particularly effective if the opponent stays to fight. Side and upper kicks to the head are good to hit an attacker unconscious, or at least knock the air out of him. For these and many other reasons, Karate is very attractive for adults and parents who wish to teach their children some form of self defense.

Improper Application of Karate Moves Can Hurt!

When performed incorrectly, Karate moves unfortunately have a danger of causing injury and broken hand and foot bones. For this reason, it is imperative that your receive proper instruction on how to execute these moves. Whether one learns from a licensed school or through a series of instructional videos, understanding the right points and angles of attack can make all the difference.

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