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Karate Pads

Written by Sierra Rein
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Every Karate student at one point in his training employs the use of Karate pads. As both protective offensive and defensive items, these pads allow the student to fully execute kicks, hand punches, and defensive blocks without the danger of broken bones, skin scrapes, or bruises. The pads either absorb or deflect the energy of the blows and keep the student in good shape for the next day's lesson.

There are a number of different types and styles of Karate pads. The first types are pads that are used as worn protective gear such as vinyl bag gloves, footgear, and headgear. These are strapped to the body of the student and can be bought either in sparring sets or individually.

Karate Pads Used by the Instructor

To aid a student in hand/foot-eye coordination, sometimes a Karate teacher will strap padded square hand targets to either hand and use them during training sessions. By constantly moving these targets, a Karate student must learn how to quickly gauge distance and speed in order to successfully punch or kick the targets. And, since these targets are made of durable yet yielding foam, the teacher's hands will not be in any harm's way.

There are also larger Karate tools, like a body opponent bag, which can be placed in the school, gym, or home. These "pads" simulate the body and physical resistance of a human and can be used at any time for Karate moves and techniques. This type of punching and fighting bag can also be used for a number of other self defensive arts and are good if one is to learn mixed martial arts at home.

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