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Karate Pants

Written by Sierra Rein
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The temptation is to assume that karate pants are like regular pants. Like, jeans, or sweats that you just throw on and do your thing with - but they are not - not by a long shot! Karate pants are important in ways that you may not even expect!

First of all, the pants to your karate uniform should be loose, but not baggy. You want them to give you enough space to move freely, but not so much space that you trip over yourself. The idea is that if your pants are too form fitting, it will be easy for your opponent to get ahold of your leg - if your pant legs are loose, then your opponent won't be able to find your legs inside as easily. It may sound strange, but it's true.

But Fit Isn't The Only Thing To Worry About With Karate Pants

Another concern regarding karate pants is quality. Like any other item on your list of karate gear, your karate pants need to be well made. If you are sparring, and your pants tear, you might find yourself in front of a room full of people without any pants on! Or worse, you could end up injuring yourself when your pants tear when they shouldn't.

So, since your safety (and self-respect) are concerned, make sure you get well made karate pants. While no part of your uniform should be taken lightly, your pants are certainly no exception. So, talk to your instructor or your fellow martial arts students and find out what kind of karate pants you should buy.

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