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Karate Patch

Written by Sierra Rein
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Like the belt, the Karate patch is a respected accessory to the uniform dedicated to the martial art of Karate. Like a University logo or emblem, the patch is attached to the uniform as a source of pride for the student, as well as a way to identify one student from the other in times of competition. Each patch is designed by the school with a certain symbolism in mind, to express the ideals and teachings of the school in one small logo.

The Karate patch is normally worn over the left breast area of the uniform, although some schools require students to wear it over the right or on the sleeve. Depending on the rules of the school, wearing a former school's patch is forbidden and considered an insult to the teachings of one's current school. In the Olympics, or in high level Karate competitions, strict rules apply to what patches are placed where on the body, although many times the flag of the student's nation of origin is added to the uniform for a patriotic gesture.

Where Does A Student Get A Karate Patch?

Once again, the ability to receive a patch depends on the school and their practices. Some schools require the student to buy a patch at the beginning of training, so that their identification with the school and its ideals are established early. However, some schools use patches very much in the same way as a Karate belt, and earn the patch through time, training, and skill.

Once you or your child begins a class, ask about this to make sure the process of obtaining a Karate patch is understood. It can be a proud moment for yourself and a child to sew the patch on the Karate uniform, as a reminder to yourself and others that you are a strong member in a large, historic, and respectable tradition. Wear it with grace, and it will fuel your fire for learning the great martial art of Karate!

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