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Karate Student Uniforms

Written by Sierra Rein
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Karate student uniforms are perhaps the first type of "equipment" a martial artist purchases for training. All students, whether five or eighty-five, wear the traditional two-piece uniforms complemented by a tied belt. These uniforms are usually cotton and are incredibly durable yet lightweight.

When choosing between karate student uniforms, consider such things as breathability, cloth weight, sleeve and pant length. While some parents may want to save money by purchasing clothing which a child can "grow into," they often get pants that are too long in the leg. This extra length can actually hinder one's learning and movement and can cause more harm than good in the long run.

Other Parts to Karate Student Uniforms

Of course, the most talked about items of students' wardrobes are karate belts. The color of a karate belt signifies the level of expertise and learning in which the individual is currently under, from the first white belt to the master black belt. Anytime a student receives a new color, it is a proud moment!

To purchase karate clothes and other self defense supplies, all you need are a few simple measurements (such as the waist, leg length, and shirt size) to choose one that will be loose and breathable on the body yet tailored enough to allow for free movement. For beginners, a lighter one-ply cotton uniform may be easier to handle. As the body adjusts to the training and becomes stronger, a heavier cotton uniform may be a good choice to protect the skin from hard blows and falls.

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