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Karate Uniform

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any student of martial arts, Karate ("The Art Of the Empty Hand") is a sacred and proud practice of the mind, body, and spirit. From its roots on the island of Okinawa, Japan, this martial form was brought to the inland of China, where a Buddhist monk by the name of Bodhidharma brought form and function together. Most historians agree that it was he, behind the walls of his monastery, who created the first self defense techniques.

Because of his spiritual nature, Bodhidharma infused his technique with discipline, focus, meditation, and a strict code of honor. Modern students of Karate find this way of life important, and try to make the best decisions when it comes to how they prepare for their exercises, sparring lessons, and tournaments. This includes the all-important choice of finding a great Karate uniform that fits and allows full movement of the body.

The Symbolic And Functional Karate Uniform

The first question we almost always ask a student of Karate is "What color is your belt?" The Karate uniform is not complete without the Karate belt, as it's color clearly defines the level at which the student is practicing at. The ultimate pride, the black belt, is a part of the uniform that is an honor and an accomplishment to receive.

The Karate uniform should be loose enough to move, stretch, and fight vigorously in, but should not be so loose as to impede movement and get in the way of balance. Fabrics that are lightweight in nature are the best for beginners, as they keep you cool during workouts and are more affordable. The heavier fabrics are used primarily for more professional martial arts students, as they protect the skin from hard punches or throws, and the look matches the heightened skill of the artist. That is, they'll LOOK like the pro they truly are.

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