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Karate Video

Written by Sierra Rein
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When one uses the phrase "karate video" they usually mean a karate movie. However, if that person happens to be a martial arts student, it's very possible he or she could be referring to a karate video that is instructional in nature. In other words, a karate training video.

Karate training videos are great because they let you learn self defense at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. No driving anywhere, no feeling embarrassed when (or if) you don't perform a move just right. It's just you and your TV, a combination most of us are already quite comfortable with.

The Karate Video Is No Substitute For a Real Instructor

But remember, just because it's easier and more convenient does not make it necessarily better or even as good as taking classes and having a real live instructor. This is because the instructor and even your fellow students can often notice things you might miss. They might notice that you're doing a particular move slightly wrong, and if you were at home, no one would be able to notice this.

Also, there is the safety issue to think about as well. Only your instructor can judge how hard is too hard for you to be working at a particular move. It's very easy to overtax yourself while practicing the moves, so having someone who knows what they are doing is a very good idea and can even be considered essential. Again, there's nothing wrong with martial arts videos, just remember to be safe.

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