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Kempo Gloves

Written by Sierra Rein
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Kempo gloves are specialized boxing and grappling hand gear meant to help and protect the Kempo student during sparring and training sessions. They are sometimes used in tournaments, especially with lower leveled competitions. They keep the delicate bones of the hand from breaking and allow punches to land on the opponent without any danger of doing damage.

Kempo is a little-known martial art that is considered by many to be the first eclectic martial art. It can trace its roots to the Chinese Chou Dynasty in 520 BC and was brought there by an Indian monk named Bodhidharma. From there it evolved into many styles, including an American technique that include street fighting jabs, choke holds, and joint locks.

The Unique Design of Kempo Gloves

Kempo gloves are shaped like sleek boxing gloves, only they allow the thumb and fingers individual movement. Quality foam padding covers the tops of the hand and fingers while the palm is covered with a well-ventilated vinyl patch. The thumb is open while the knuckle pads are individually broken to allow full movement.

These gloves are lightweight and include traditional lace-up wrist guards for an adjustable fit. They can be found in many martial arts equipment stores as well as several online martial arts store websites. These gloves, as well as mouth guards and headgear, are essential for any Kempo student's collection of sparring gear.

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