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Kung Fu Movies

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most people, when questioned about kung fu movies, will throw out the name Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan to describe the energy, stories, and stunts that . And, while these gentlemen have indeed popularized the movie genre in the Western world, they are not the only kung fu stars that have made the art of kung fu popular in the entertainment world. Indeed, kung fu has been used in movies, television programs, and commercials around the world.

Many people love kung fu movies for the stunts and acrobatic works of the athletic actors that take the time to make their movements look as energetic and powerful as possible. Most people do not understand the lengths of time it takes to become one of these athletes, as well as the rehearsal and shooting schedule it takes to choreograph and execute any one of many scenes that involve kung fu fighting. These movies have influenced people of all ages to look into schools of kung fu or another martial art, only to realize that learning the art is a serious undertaking.

What Do Kung Fu Movies Give Us Besides Entertainment?

One ongoing theme that permeates many of the martial arts movies through history is one that is the central core of any true martial art; that is, to be prepared, to have the confidence not to be afraid. This heroic theme is directly connected to the idea that it takes more than the skills of kicking or throwing to become a full physical kung fu artist. One needs self-esteem, internal balance and energy, and a spiritual nature to learn and grow.

Thus, while some kung fu movies may be too graphic in nature for young children, some titles may be appropriate as learning tools for the young martial artist who seeks cinematic heroes and support. Make sure you review the titles with someone to make sure they are not too violent or graphic, and you may want to watch the video with your child to discuss the morals, inner strengths of the characters, and themes. With the right research, a good series of movies can be a great addition to any collection of kung fu supplies!

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