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Kung Fu Uniform

Written by Sierra Rein
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The kung fu uniform differs from the more commonly recognized karate gi (pronounced "gee"). This type of uniform features a wrap-around top and loose fitting pants. The kung fu uniform is often made of satin and resembles the standard attire of the average Chinese individual in years past.

Also, unlike the karate gi, a kung fu sash is used instead of a belt. The sash denotes if you are a kung-fu master based on where the knot of the sash is. On the left or the right, the wearer is not a master - in the center, he or she is considered a master. The other thing to note here is that men wear the knot on the left and on women, the right.

The Kung Fu Uniform Must Be Worn Properly

As with most disciplines that require a uniform, kung fu requires that you know the specifics of how to wear the uniform properly. This comes from the idea that a uniform forces you, in a way, to conform to the group. It removes your individual identity on the surface and allows you to be on an equal footing with everyone else in the group.

If you are unable to wear the kung fu uniform or any other karate uniform properly, then that would mean you were not equal to everyone else in the group. Starting off on an uneven footing compared to everyone else would not be a very good way to start your studies in any martial art. So, treating your uniform with respect and knowing how to wear it properly is always best.

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