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Kung Fu Weapons

Written by Sierra Rein
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While they should always be used by fully trained professionals, kung fu weapons can be a wonderful new step for any student of kung fu. There are different weapons that can be applied to different skill levels, as well as specific self defense weapons which can be used for different styles and forms of kung fu. The following information is about the different kung fu weapons which are the most popular and how they are used in the kung fu world.

Originally, the Shaolin kung fu monks were taught to use basically any household item as a weapon. Thus, a lot of the original kung fu weapons are based on tools or common items. The knife, the stick, the spear, the rope, and the hammer are the five origins which all other kung fu weapons emerged from.

How These Five Origins of Kung Fu Weapons Evolved

The most popular of these was the staff (the "Father of All Weapons"), a long stick normally used for a multitude of purposes; in the hands of a kung fu artist, it became a formidable weapon. The knife became a broadsword, and the spear became both handheld with short handles or placed at the end of a staff. Flexible linked weapons such as nunchaku or whips arrived from studying the structure of the rope, while blunted hammers and bludgeoning tools became the ideal for Shaolin monks (who believed in incapacitation, but not death, for their opponents).

For those interested in learning how to use kung fu weapons, it should be noted that they should be practiced only under the close supervision of a trained professional. They should also be practiced in a professional environment, and not in a living room where household items and other people can be harmed. If you have questions about these and other martial arts weapons, please contact us!

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