Learn To Fight

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most animals learn to fight over years and years of experience in the big, wide, dangerous world. Humans, for the most part, have taught themselves to curb the natural violent instinct with social skills and culture. However, we all still have the potential to unleash our dangerous tendencies whenever threatened or attacked.

In order to tap into the primitive fire that lives within us, we must learn to fight using all our senses. This means recognizing how our own bodies react to stress, including the adrenaline rush, in addition to what our opponent is doing. Learning how to focus our energies and not falling over ourselves is one of the prime challenges of any street fight.

There are many different forums to learn to fight, from in-person schools to individual teachers and even fight videos. However, do not confuse the many martial art schools with those who teach actual street fighting survival skills. Some artistic fighting methods are too structured and teach respect and the adherence to rules (characteristics that will not make a bit of difference when struggling for one's life).

The Whole Family Can Learn to Fight at Home!

Many parents who fear the safety of their children may decide to take a self defense video home and teach their young adults how to defend themselves. This is especially good for young girls who want to know how to react to a potentially dangerous situation, such as a date rape or possible kidnapping. By doing this, both the parents and the children feel more control and safer for any occurrence.

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