Learn How To Street Fight

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most common misconceptions is that people who learn how to street fight do so because they are constantly searching for people to pick fights with. On the contrary, people who learn to fight are trying to learn easier and more effective ways to avoid fights. They want to understand the human body and how to handle dangerous situations with grace and safety.

Anyone can learn how to street fight, especially the simple but straightforward moves that will hurt and cause confusion and pain. These include uppercuts to tender areas of the eyes, throat and groin, and can be used effectively against an attacker in the first few seconds of a threat. Other lessons to understand are getting out of hold locks, understanding how to fall and regain balance without hurting yourself and how to verbally defend yourself and reason your way out of a conflict.

Most people forget that they have the ability to unleash their own inner tiger and defend themselves in any danger. Tapping into this primitive but powerful energy with focus and intelligence is another tenet of many street fighting schools. Being able to harness the adrenaline rush (usually felt at the sign of any attack) and not let it overtake you is key to winning a fight and running away unharmed.

Families and Friends Learn How to Street Fight Together

If a community is concerned about defending their precious members from street gangs, thugs, bullies, thieves and rapists, oftentimes their individuals will take a home video course on street fighting. Families can get together to learn how to street fight, while friends can discuss ways in which they know how to escape and avoid conflicts. Some churches have even decided to take preventative measures and teach their members how to try to avoid a fight in addition to how to react as forcefully as possible in dangerous situations.

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