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Martial Art Clothings

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any first-time self defense student, choosing between martial art clothings is an important step. While some gyms and community schools allow regular workout clothes to be worn, most professional martial arts schools require an official uniform to be worn during training, sparring, and tournament competitions. Some teachers will send a student home if he or she does not arrive to class wearing a clean official uniform to practice in!

The most recognizable martial arts uniform is the two-piece jacket and pants, traditionally held together by a wrap around belt. For Karate, Judo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and other martial arts, this uniform is acceptable. Some other clothing options, such as the v-neck Tae Kwon Do suit or the black full-length Aikido pants, should be chosen to match the needs and traditions of the specific martial art in question.

Measuring for Martial Art Clothings and Gear

Martial arts uniforms are meant to focus the student and to become an individual amongst a very special group of classmates. A uniform should fit well, aid in the movement of all parts of the body, and be ventilated enough to allow sweat to evaporate off of the skin. A good way to figure out what size to choose is to measure around the waist, from the waist to the ankles, from the shoulder to the wrist, and from shoulder to shoulder.

In addition to martial art clothings options, a student may have to choose between a number of sparring gear sets, including headgear, gloves, shin protectors, and footgear. Make sure ahead of time that you will need to purchase these items as well and that you choose a quality martial arts supplies store for all your shopping demands. And always feel free to ask your current or future teacher for more details and recommendations on what to purchase for your martial arts school training.

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