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Martial Arts Clothing

Written by Sierra Rein
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A soldier goes into battle wearing his army uniform; the ballerina goes onto her stage with her costume; so does the martial artist wear his martial arts clothing. A martial arts uniform is more than just an outfit to wear during practice. It is a sign of an individual joining a group experience, of respect for the history and the art of their martial exercise, as well as a way to show pride for the hard work accomplished thus far.

Martial arts clothing includes the uniform, a belt or sash worn to denote the current level of expertise, and perhaps a pair of footwear worn either during or between matches. Oftentimes, the uniform is proudly decorated with patches that name the school attended, giving the student a sense of community and pride. Thus, the choice of martial arts clothing is an important step for the student to make.

How To Choose Your Martial Arts Clothing

If you are beginning classes, you may wish to speak with your teacher about a preliminary shopping list. This usually consists of a base uniform, which will later be decorated with the patches, a belt (if you are starting in karate, it will be white), and a pair of simple martial arts shoes. These should always be worn during school, kept clean and well ironed before class, and respected when not in use.

Martial arts clothing can be found online in many martial arts supply shops, as well as in your local Chinatown. Ask someone else to take your measurements, as you may have difficulties measuring yourself correctly. Bring this information online with you, and you'll find yourself a great new uniform to begin your training!

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