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Martial Arts Gear

Written by Sierra Rein
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What is martial arts gear? This question is easy to answer- it's all the extra stuff you get to wear, have and use when you practice certain types of martial arts. You know, like in ninja movies, all those cool extras they have to help them fight or to help them get out of sticky situations.

It could be kung fu shoes, ninja boots, swords or what have you. It all falls under the category of "martial arts gear". It's what attracts many people to martial arts in the first place.

Martial Arts Gear Can Mean "Cool"

Some martial arts styles have you use only your hands and feet to fight. For those a karate uniform, karate belt and even a karate patch can be considered martial arts gear. But there are also styles that allow you to use more than just your hands and feet.

Those styles allow the use of all manner of gear, including but not necessarily limited to, swords, nunchaku (nun-chucks to us westerners), certain types of gloves and boots and of course, as always, the uniform. These items to a lot of people are what make martial arts "cool".

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