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Martial Arts Gis

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any student studying self defense, purchasing and maintaining the right martial arts gis ("uniforms") is incredibly important. A gi is not only the uniform to wear during class, tournaments, and sparring time. It is also a part of the identity of the student as a focused, disciplined, and confident martial artist.

Martial arts gis come in many cuts, styles, and fabrics, depending on the martial art in question as well as its function. Karate gis, for example, come in many styles from the traditional "Japanese cut" for practice to the "tournament cut" which allows for shorter sleeves and pants during competitive sports. Karate belts are also an incredibly important part of the identity of the gi and must be treated with respect.

The Handling and Treatment of Martial Arts Gis

Like all important clothing items, one should take careful attention when taking care of martial arts uniforms. Most classes expect uniforms to be clean whenever worn, especially during competitions and tournaments, to reflect the discipline and tradition inherent in most self defense techniques. Know in advance if your uniform needs special care, drying methods, or if it fades in direct sunlight.

It is recommended that you purchase several martial arts gis, especially if you expect to go to class more than once a week. You can do so once you find out the exact make, model, and size of your ideal uniform and purchase several at one time. The easiest way to do this is to find an online martial arts store that carries your particular size and style and to use it as a constant source for future purchases.

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