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Martial Arts Headbands

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to self defense accessories, martial arts headbands are unique items. Students and professionals of all kinds of martial arts enjoy using headbands for a variety of reasons. They can be given as gifts or purchased in a variety of designs and colors to match a martial artist's specific dojo (school) of self defense.

A headband is worn for many reasons. Throughout history, they have been used as proven methods to absorb sweat and keep a warrior's hair away from the face during battle. They can also be forms of identity to distinguish students from one school from those of another during a tournament.

The Many Styles Martial Arts Headbands

No matter if you are studying Karate, Kung Fu, or Aikido, you are bound to find a headband that reflects the art of your choice. You could also find a number of nationality-driven designs that feature either the country of your origin or that of your dojo. Some also are designed with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean letters spelling out inspirational words and phrases.

Martial arts headbands can be purchased as matched accessories to martial arts gis and uniforms as well to karate patches and other supplies. You can buy them individually or as gifts for entire dojo classes. You can find them at several martial arts supply stores or online with easy shipping options.

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