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Martial Arts Movies

Written by Sierra Rein
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Few people can say that they have never enjoyed any of the many martial arts movies that have been produced. Even for the Western world, like America, imported martial artists such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee have wowed audiences with their strength, stamina, and intense grace. From the popular "Enter The Dragon" to the comedic action-adventure "Rush Hour," martial arts movies, or those that feature martial arts, have etched themselves into movie history.

Indeed, martial arts movies have infiltrated their styles into regular western entertainment. Martial arts and the involved skills have helped popularize television shows such as "Alias," and have made stars out of Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Stephen Seagal, and other action stars. Indeed, now more than ever the skills learned in martial arts is almost a necessity for many up and coming actors and actresses, and self defense videos and martial arts supplies have flown off the shelves in Los Angeles.

The Most Popular Martial Arts Movies

The first two names to know about martial artists on the screen are, of course, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Lee, a fully trained karate and kung fu student, created the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, which was one of the first schools to teach western white people the secrets and practices of Chinese martial arts. He became famous in America for his roles in "Fists of Fury" and "Enter The Dragon."

Jackie Chan has been described as the Charlie Chaplin of martial artists, melding comedy and the danger of looking a little foolish with amazing stunts performed without safety wires. His movies, along with the recent "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," have once again proven that martial arts movies are here to stay. Hollywood will not let this genre go, even for a second!

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