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Martial Arts Uniform

Written by Sierra Rein
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Traditionally, when someone refers to a martial arts uniform, they are referring to the gi (pronounced "GEE"). The standard karate uniform, or gi is made up of three parts. First, the wrap-around tunic. It's essentially, a jacket that wraps around your torso. Next, there are the pants - both the pants and the tunic are loose fitting, but not so loose as to get in the way.

Finally, you have the karate belt. The karate belt is a very important part of the martial arts uniform. Ironically, this is not because it holds your pants up. Your pants stay in place thanks to draw-strings in the waistband. No, the karate belt is important because it's color denotes how skilled you are. White belt being signifying a beginner of martial arts students, with black signifying the most skilled.

Martial Arts Uniforms For More Than Just Karate

There are other types of martial arts uniforms. The kung fu uniform is very different from the karate uniform. While it is made up of similar parts, the parts themselves are quite different. For instance, the kung fu uniform does not include a belt, but instead includes a sash. The color of which does not signify anything, while the knot of the sash being in the middle indicates that the wearer is a master. Anywhere else and the knot informs people that you are less than a master.

There are often subtle-to-major differences in the particular uniform one wears depending on the particular style of martial arts that you happen to be studying. The best idea is to probably check out the uniform before you begin your studies to make sure you'll feel comfortable in the particular uniform for that style. Or, if you are truly passionate, you may not care about what you look like, just that you're learning a martial art.

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