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Martial Arts Weapons

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are more than 400 different types of ancient Chinese weapons, constituting just a fraction of the martial arts weapons which exist in the world today. Throughout history, these have been used in wars, sports competitions, and personal vendettas. About 18 of these 400 are usually used in Wushu and other martial arts competitions.

These martial arts weapons are purchased for many reasons. Someone may buy a set of nunchaku or a broadsword to bring to his or her self defense class, in order to practice how to use them in real-time situations. Under a supervisor, such as a trained teacher or other professional, a student can learn how to handle these weapons with safety in mind.

Two Last Reasons To Purchase Martial Arts Weapons

Many people choose to buy self defense videos, in addition to "fake" martial arts weapons, to know how to defend themselves if attacked in their home or on the streets. Rubberized knives, axes, and protected sticks are bought to help the person learn how to handle an armed attacker without hurting themselves. These people understand the value of learning with an approximate tool, with the same shape and mass of a real weapon but without the danger.

Finally, the beauty of many martial arts weapons attracts many fans of martial arts movies and culture and inspires them to purchase broadswords, knives, and staffs as decorative pieces. They make fantastic gifts for a loved one, and can adorn a mantle piece or wall with grace and beauty. As long as all members of the household do not touch them, and as long as the owner knows how to handle them, martial arts weapons can become beautiful as well as functional additions to any household.

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