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Mti Footgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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MTI footgear are perhaps one of the best choices when deciding on protective shoes for the feet and instep during martial arts training. Foam dipped and extremely durable, this footgear is designed to be flexible enough to move with the martial artist yet padded with 1/2 inch foam to keep both the foot and the opponent's body safe from any irreparable harm. After all, when it comes to self defense equipment, no one should work with anything less than quality!

It is incredibly important to protect the delicate bones of the foot, especially when learning how to kick and block with the feet. Repeated injuries over time can lead to fractures and even bone breaks that can ruin an athlete's career or enjoyment of the process. It is better to employ a good set of sparring footgear than to risk allowing one's ego to get in the way of smart training.

Deciding on MTI Footgear for You

There are several MTI sparring sets to choose from, most of which includes footgear as well as shin guards, headgear, and the like. However, when looking at padded martial arts footgear, make sure you buy a size that is comfortable yet snug on the foot, able to be slipped on and off but not kicked off. They should include two strip elastic bands, one around the bottom and another around the ankle, to secure the shoe to the foot.

If you are ordering MTI footgear, note that most supply stores sell them according to men's sizes. Women should decide on a size that is 1 or 1 1/2 steps larger than their own. They also come in children's sizes, in case you need to purchase for the whole family.

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