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Mti Shin Guards

Written by Sierra Rein
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MTI shin guards should be easy to find online in addition to many athletic and martial arts supply stores. They can be purchased in a number of sizes and come with a heel or ankle strap to prevent the pad from riding up the leg. They are great for professionals who wish to keep their legs in tip top condition, in addition to beginner or moderate trainees of martial arts.

The shin bone is one of the most exposed bones in the body, and is only protected by a thin membrane and layer of skin. It is incredibly vulnerable when it comes to fighting, especially when just learning how to kick. Students often walk away from class with large bruises, shin splints, and even breaks because of badly thrown kicks or blocks.

The Construction of MTI Shin Guards

There are two types of foam shin guards. The first is a simple strapped-on guard that covers the leg from the crook of the knee to the ankle. The second type includes an instep guard which also covers the top of the foot. The choice depends on whether one wishes to practice barefoot or with foam-dipped MTI footgear as well.

The shin guard should fit right if it is to protect the bones and skin from harm. Make sure the guard covers the leg from above the instep to about three inches below the knee and is wide enough to protect half the sides of the shin. If you are buying the MTI shin guards for a youngster just in the beginning stages of self defense training, make sure it does not restrict knee movement or cut into the instep.

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