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Mti Sparring Sets

Written by Sierra Rein
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A sparring set is perhaps one of the best "protection kits" an athlete can have, and MTI sparring sets always have an athlete covered. He can cover the most vulnerable parts of the body, from the head down to his toes, and not fear the pain of deflecting and throwing blows. After all, it is incredibly important to protect a student from the aches and pains of training.

This is most important in young children, where coordination is still being learned and young bodies are still growing. During this point in their training, children are more likely to slip, throw faulty punches, and fall to the ground. It is better to "pad" their shins, hands, head, and feet with MTI sparring sets to keep their delicate bones and skin intact until they learn to punch, fall, and kick correctly.

Make Your Own MTI Sparring Sets--For Yourself or as Gifts!

These sparring sets make great tae kwon do, judo, and karate student gifts and can be given at any time during their learning process. Both men and women can pick and choose between a number of different sizes. Instead of choosing between "medium," "small," or "large," one can first decide on medium MTI headgear plus an adult large in shin covers and punches, then a small set of footgear (kicks), for example.

All MTI sparring gear is made of quality dipped foam that allows ventilation and protection. This foam is laid over an inner fabric shell to protect both the thrower and the receiver of the blow. They are also lightweight and can be worn by beginners and masters alike.

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