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Muay Thai Footgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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Muay Thai footgear are meant for two purposes during training. They are meant to protect the shin and foot bones of the "attacker" and to make sure the hits and blows do not do any real damage to the person on the defensive. Because this martial art is considered an extreme contact sport, it is better for a student to learn while padded than risk serious damage during the training period.

In the professional ring, Muay Thai footgear takes the form of foot tape wraps that keep the feet bound yet still flexible and bare. Because of this, most padded footgear protects only the instep (the inside of the foot) from harm and leaves the heels and balls of the feet bare. This is also a good area to protect, as this area is more likely to contact one's opponent during a sideways kick.

Dual Protecting Muay Thai Footgear

Perhaps the most popular of footgear for the Thai sport is a shin guard pad plus instep strap that straps to the calf and bottom of the foot. It is meant to be flexible enough to allow the ankle to bend and twist. High-density foam on the front pad absorbs shocks and protects the shin from bruising and breaks.

Most Muay Thai schools will not train a student unless he has a full set of Muay Thai gear, including headgear, footgear, gloves, pads, and perhaps a groin or belly protector. Most will be able to provide a Muay Thai shield and hand targets to be used in training. Before signing up for the first day of school, ask your future instructor regarding the proper learning equipment and purchase these before starting.

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