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Muay Thai Headgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to protecting yourself during dangerous sports, Muay Thai headgear have quite a job to perform. For one of the most dangerous and historically deadly kickboxing sports, this headgear needs to be protective, flexible, and allow the wearer to see the opponent from all sides. It is one of the most important items to purchase for a student of the ancient art of Muay Thai.

Like the rest of Muay Thai gear, the headgear must protect the skull and sides of the head from dangerous blows during training or sparring. Of course, headgear is not worn in professional matches and the head (except the face) is not considered a legal target under current fighting rules. However, the sport does allow headlocks and facial punches, so headgear is recommended for students and trainees.

Finding and Choosing Muay Thai Headgear

There are many makers of Muay Thai head gear, including ProForce and Century (makers of Century wristwrap gloves). Most of these are turtle headgear in style, with a padded curved shell made out of leather. A foam lining is able to absorb moisture from the head and shocks from opponent's blows.

To find one in your size, measure around the circumference of the head and choose a helmet size that fits this number. Most Muay Thai headgear come with adjustable straps and options to keep the helmet on securely. A leather lower chinstrap comes with a hook and loop connection for further adjustability.

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