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Muay Thai Pads

Written by Sierra Rein
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When an athlete trains to become a professional Thai martial artists, no doubt he will employ a few Muay Thai pads in his workouts and sessions. These pads come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the training involved. Larger pads, like Muay Thai Shields, can be held by both forearms, while the smaller pads can be worn like mitts on individual hands.

A coach uses Muay Thai pads to train his learning athlete on how to aim and force a kick, punch, or jab at an appropriate area of the body. The coach can move the pads around to simulate an opponent's defensive techniques, teaching the athlete how to use hand-eye coordination in connection with his throws and kicks. The shield is meant to protect the coach behind it from harm as the martial artist works on strength punches.

Protective Types of Muay Thai Pads

In addition to full-body shields and square hand targets, a coach can use front arm shields and padded arm blockers that surround the entire forearm during combat training. These can be used for all kinds of hits and allows the "attacker" to throw punches and kicks without worrying about harming his own arms or feet. They are usually made of a fine quality leather or nylon and filled with protective foam.

In addition to defensive pads, there are also several options of Muay Thai gear, such as headgear and footgear to protect the student from hurting himself during training. The footgear comes with chin and instep guards, while the turtle headgear protects the cheekbones, top, and other three sides of the head. Boxing gloves, belly pads, and rib protectors are also optional.

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