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Muay Thai Shield

Written by Sierra Rein
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A Muay Thai shield is a fantastic tool for Muay Thai athletes for training purposes. The shield can be held by a coach by leather forearms straps and a back grip bar. The shield is meant to protect both the holder and the athlete from the dangerous impact of the blows.

Muay Thai is an ancient Thai martial art spanning thousands of years of history. It is known as the "science of the 8 limbs" and requires the use of elbows and knees in addition to punches and kicks. It is such a devastating and dangerous art that combatants in the ring are limited to certain techniques and moves.

How Does a Muay Thai Shield Work?

A Muay Thai shield is shaped to help the martial artist in his punching and kicking drills and is thus durable and made to take a lot of force. A core of fiber is at the center of a leather "shell" which is then filled with high density foam. The fiber core is meant to protect the holder of the shield, while the foam protects the athlete from hurting himself in the process.

Indeed, sometimes it is a good idea for a Muay Thai trainees to wear special Muay Thai gear, such as foot and headgear, to protect himself from the brute strength of the shield itself. Muay Thai footgear and other types of pads are great to work on technique, balance, and force without risking a broken foot or hand bone. Talk to your martial arts supply store about purchasing a full set of Muay Thai equipment or if you need to buy individual items not currently in your possession.

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