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Ninja Tabi Boots

Written by Sierra Rein
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Part of the mystique connected to Ninjas are the silence that the Ninja Tabi boots afforded them to prevent or escape detection. Their rubber soles helped Ninjas creep up and attack their targets with stealth and grace, and can help a modern martial artist with balance and a strong degree of confidence. They are recognizable by their high calf boot cut and the splits made between the large and second toes.

Most Tabi boots are made of a soft 100% cotton fabric and can include suede soles. They usually come in the classic black and can be comfortably worn underneath any martial arts uniform. Of course, some original Ninja boots can be found but it is easier to purchase them in usable reproduction form.

Sizing and Purchasing Ninja Tabi Boots

To size Ninja Tabi boots, men's sizes usually correspond to normal numbers while women should order one size and a half smaller. For thin feet, one size smaller is recommended, while those with wider feet than normal should consider a larger size. One can also purchase Ninja Tabi socks which are split between the toes, just like the boots.

Short ankle versions of the Ninja tabi is also available and include the same velcro fasteners of the long cut. Some Japanese construction workers prefer to wear Tabi boots because they feel like they can grip wood and steel beams easier than in modern work boots. You can purchase them directly through an online martial arts supplies site or walk into specialized martial arts stores.

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