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Written by Sierra Rein
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Perhaps one of the most misunderstood of martial arts equipment, nunchaku, or "nunchucks" as they are colloquially called, are recognized more from their glamorized use in martial arts movies than in actual traditional practice. They constitute two heavy wooden or metal rods that are joined by a center chain. This allows the combatant to swing the rods in a multitude of movements around themselves and at their competitor.

They were almost unknown weapons in the United States until the great Bruce Lee introduced them into the martial arts movie genre in the early 1970's. The attraction to this seemingly simple set of weapons soared soon after this, and bad guys as well as good began flaunting their skills with the weapon in screens across the country. The reality of the use of the nunchuks as weapons was somewhat lost in a few films, as they were able somehow to ward off villains wielding swords, knives, and sometimes even guns!

The "Deadly" Nunchaku

While often falsely glorified as the most deadly set of martial arts equipment, these weapons are nonetheless known for doing a lot of damage. Students in training will often wear headgear and body armor to lessen the effect of the nunchaku's blows. Never try and teach yourself the method of fighting with them, as it is possible to cause a concussion or even death with one false swing at someone.

Like a lot of weapons, nunchucks (nunchaku) come in many forms, styles, and sizes. Individually sized rods can be chosen depending on height and arm length, and some lighter versions can be found for beginners or younger people. For complete safety, foam ones are available for purchase where no danger at all are induced through their use. Use these pages to find out more about other martial arts, and great self defense equipment for sale!

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