Personal Defense

Written by Sierra Rein
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Every human being on this planet has the inner instinct of personal defense and survival. Even the most "cultured" person can become violent if he or she feels threatened enough by an outside force. In today's world, personal defense may take on many meanings, depending on the number of different threats out there.

At any moment, a person may need to protect himself from muggers, rapists, kidnappers, looters, rioters, drunk bar patrons, abusive domestic partners and those unable to keep their violent tendencies at bay. These opponents may be strangers, but they can also take the shape of friends, dates and loved ones. Indeed, most rapes and attacks occur against women by men who they have known for a minimum of at least three months.

To learn a no-nonsense personal defense technique, you can go to a school to learn first-hand moves. If there are no schools in your general area that fit your defensive needs, you can purchase a number of instructional videos. Just make sure that the these learning options are taught by licensed and effective teachers who know the proper way to execute self defense moves.

Personal Defense Means Confidence and Self Knowledge

No matter how one learns the blocks and kicks associated with a self defensive form, one can not effectively use them without an understanding of one's inner strength and power. Being aware of one's body and how it reacts to outside stress and stimuli will prepare the mind for an attack. Self awareness and confidence will allow the body to relax, the brain to focus and the right moves to be instinctually performed at the most effective moments of an assault.

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