Personal Protection

Written by Sierra Rein
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When push comes to literal shove, personal protection is the responsibility of the individual to learn. Most people believe that they will never need to fend off a rapist or violent attacker in their life. Yet we all hear of horror stories on the news time and time again.

Personal protection means being able to handle the mental stress of an attack as well as the physical knowledge and balance demanded. Learning to block kicks, punches and swipes is particularly important, as is how to incapacitate the aggressor in one move. The faster you can get away from the rapist and call for help, the quicker you are able to get out of danger and contact the police.

The demographics of people who are most in danger of kidnappings or rapes are women and children. Kids should be taught what to do if they feel they are being physically threatened or coerced into a stranger's car. Women need to know how to defend themselves against an attacker, no matter what size or strength he is.

Personal Protection Tools

There are many physical tools an adult can carry with him or herself to ward off anyone who threatens them. Mace needs to be purchased legally in some states, and it is incredibly important to learn how to handle a knife before brandishing it in front of anyone. The trick is also to be able to handle yourself without weapons of personal protection, in case you have no time to whip one out.

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